14 May 2010

Friday at the Acre

The farm is abustle with activity today. The chickens are out (natch) and Jacky is trying desperately to fit in with them.

The quail like to fly when the chickens are out of their way, and so they are hanging out on the coop support beams, just being classic en vogue. 

Tammy, though not in En Vogue is most certainly looking flashy today. Please observe her developing waddle.

Surprise! It's wild strawberries!

I can't wait for cherries. Can't. Wait.

The raspberries are really starting to look like they will be food soon.

And Hiro is newly on Prozac and has just discovered the only shade in the yard. Notice that he is not quite in it yet- but he will get there if he can only focus for long enough!!!

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