13 May 2010

Garden Update

Let's start with the good:

The peas are happening. There is a little yellowing at the bottom leaves, but otherwise they seem happy and healthy. 

The greens are mostly very happy. The spinach didn't really make it, but a few seeds seem to have taken. The starts are doing great and the sassy mix is really coming in strong!

The herb garden looks like hell. The only thing that really seems to be thriving is the chamomile, and even that is stunted. The quinoa is dying, the dill is dying, and I don't remember what else is in there- but it's dying

The radishes are almost over. Worms got into most of them, but we ate them anyway. The turnips seem a little sad... Their leaves are a little yellowed and it looks like something is eating them. I really want them to make it! The onions next to them seem ok.

This is supposedly the beet box, but almost none of them ever popped up. I see one or two sprouts, but it's looking really sad.
Scott, I don't remember what those chive looking things are but a few of them have died. The gai lan is ok although one was a little yellow and I trimmed back some leaves this morning in hopes saving it. 

So farmers, I think it's time to do some farming?!  I have been doing my best with watering, but I can't do it alone. How about a watering schedule? If everyone picks a day I will fill in the gaps. Then everyone can keep an eye on things and this whole fancy acre wont die all at once.  
I also think it's time to do some planting. Tomatoes and cukes right? Bush beans? Squash? Summer!


rylanddanger said...

you want some cheeeese with that whine???

Jenny said...


Anonymous said...

wow. wow. um. we're camping this weekend. but maybe we can come by after sunday parkways on sunday or next weekend? i totally forgot that stuff has to be watered. seriouslyyyyyy.