03 May 2010

Movin' On Up

So here's a long over-due update (soon to be followed by photos) on the Fancy Acre Quail Family (or as we refer to them : En Vogue). For the last few months they have been living in what began as a the cutest little tidy tin house in our basement/garage. Oh it was a happy home with happy times - lit by a glowing balmy orange ball that never stopped showering warmth upon them, filled with wall to wall wood pellets, clean drinking water and more food then they could have ever dreamed of consuming - it was basically like Las Vegas - without the gambling (they were too young anyway). But anyway. Nic made them the cutest berry box houses that they slept in and they really seemed happy to be away from the farm store where the children were poking them and such. Soon (and quickly) the three members of En Vogue began to grow and make the cutest sounds ever - they had such respect for their elders and loved when we came around and whistled softly to them - they even whistled back! Despite their awkward adolescent insecurities, they soon began to wear their little quail hats and looked stunning in brown. That was until the day they figured out how to party...and when I say party - I mean PARTAY. ummm. what a mess! they were throwing poop on the walls and their berry boxes were upside down and their water was constantly filled with more - guess what - POOP and they looked like they had been doing lines of Angel Dust all night when we checked in on them in the morning. Insanity. Well this had to end. We turned the warm glowing ball off to prepare them for the harsh reality and they knew something was about to change. We were serious. They were grounded. In the mean time I spent last Saturday afternoon painstakingly building their new home out of freshly sawn cedar shake and 2x4's and installed it within the coop that their chicken siblings have been occupying for a few weeks now...Then, last night, in a covert night operation involving headlamps, hay and a station wagon, we escorted these teen party princesses to their new deluxxe apartment in the sky...where this morning, according to Jenny, they have been running around with the chickens gossiping about this-a-one and that-a-one and making fun of Tammy whose hair is really out of control in the morning.

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Jenny said...

Envogue is learning life from the school of the hard knocks. Its a little country and a little rock and roll. Patsy is sitting on their water dish like, you bitches want a drink then come over here and TRY IT.