06 June 2010

:56 Seconds of Pure Passion And For What???

This is my first chicken film, and has all those horrible hand-held sounds that I despise so much in home videos. But anyway, the real story here is what happened after this was filmed. I became so excited about this rare and beautiful footage that I gave not a thought to my worldly responsibilities and focused only on my art. I went back into the house and forgot all about the farm and all of it's little boarders. Kevin came home from work, and we went outside to admire our feathered daughters. We were gazing at Loretta when all of the sudden a tiny bird shot right out from under a fern behind her.
"A quail" Kevin observed.
He was correct. In the heat of cinematography, I had forgotten all about the quail and left the coop door open! En Vogue escaped! They were peeping around, sticking close by the chickens. They were pecking at the earth, seeing the blue sky for the first time in what felt like decades, and letting the breeze stir their feathers. They did not fly for the nearest eagle claw or into the highest branch as I would have imagined they would. Instead, they stuck around like diva's at a music video shoot. Kevin thought we could just heard them into the coop like we usually do with the chickens, but in my mind I was already on the phone with Topher, apologizing for essentially ushering his favorite band to their death beds. However, I stayed calm, followed Kevin's lead, and together we walked them right into the coop!
Clearly, they love it there. It is their home, they feel safe there, and they want to stay. But I wish we could let them out more often now that I have seen them in the wild. Never have they looked as noble and free, never before have their little plume's stood so tall. The risk is too great, even though I know the rewards are big.

PS. No, don't worry about it chickens, we didn't like that cardoon anyway.

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