04 June 2010

Love is on the Farm

I'm in love with Tammy but Tammy's in love with Jacky and Jacky's in love with chicken food. Lot's of cracked corn induced tummy aches for that dog lately. 
I think that Tammy is cuddly only because she can't see me coming, so I can catch her and force her into my loving arms. The other chickens run like hell when they see me approaching. Unless, of course, I am shaking a tin cup full of chicken treats. Then they gather around like the chickens do in Cinderella when she is not a princess yet and talks to mice all day (anyone? anyone?). All I want to do is rub under their chicken wings and dress them in pinafores! 
Please admire our coop art made by nationally acclaimed artist Lynne Robertson. We are one lucky acre. 

1 comment:

g.animalz said...

it looks like tammy has a peony on her head.

she also reminds me of Teresa (from RHofNJ) new baby. See here: