23 June 2010

Daily chores

Here's my day at the acre:
1. let chickens out of coop
2. coax tammy out of the coop with treats and some swear words
3. hand feed chickens raspberries
4. worry about the carrots
5. mound dirt over the potato patch
6. water the trying-to-be-vegetables
7. yell at birds in the cherry tree
8. eat all the snap peas
9. let the chickens back into the coop
10. shoo Jacky out of the beds
11. let the chickens out again
12.  think about weeding
13. feel bad about the gai lan
14. eat the rest of the ripe raspberries
15. let the chickens back into the coop (for the last time, damn it!)

1 comment:

g.animalz said...

don't you mean 'fancy chores'?