01 July 2010

My Life's Work

In this video, first you will see the chickens building a dirt bed colony. They have like, ten different dirt villages but this one is the best. You will also see Tammy has found the other chickens which is no small feat for her.

But things really get exciting fast when I noticed a squirrel beating up a paint roller next to the fence. Don't ask why we have trash floating around the yard for wild life to play with- we just do. The squirrel started out laying on its back, hugging the paint roller to its chest and kicking it with its back legs, but it ended up rolling around all over the place and acting like a wild man. Then when it's all over I turned around and the chickens were right next to me, watching the action.

You're welcome, internet.

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kylie said...

11 chicken biscuits.